Australian Consulate-General
Hong Kong
Also accredited to Macau

Processing Times, Collection, Delivery and Priority Service

You should allow a minimum of six weeks to get a new passport or renew one. The new passport will be delivered to you in Hong Kong.   Please advise the interviewing officer at the time of your lodgement if you are travelling within the next 8 weeks.

Passports are printed in Australia so we are unable to offer a priority processing service in Hong Kong and Macau.

Your current passport will be cancelled and returned to you when you lodge your application. If you need to travel you can keep your passport while your application is being processed.  In this situation, your current passport will be automatically cancelled 30 days after the new one being issued.  You are responsible to cancel your old passport physically when you receive the new one in the mail.  Please ensure you do not use the old passport once you receive the new one.

Delivery of Passports to Hong Kong and Macau

Your new passport will be sent to you in Hong Kong and Macau by Speedpost. Speedpost is a courier service provided by the Hong Kong Post Office. We cannot guarantee the service standards of this delivery service.  You can check the status of the delivery with Hong Kong Post using the tracking number on the postage slip.