Australian Consulate-General
Hong Kong
Also accredited to Macau

Services for Australians in Macau

Passport Services

Australians in Macau can apply for passports in person at our Consulate in Hong Kong.

Delivery of your passport is free to Macau.

Please email [email protected] if you are unable to attend our Consulate in Hong Kong to lodge your passport application.

Notarial Services

Australians in Macau can have documents Notarised in Portuguese or Chinese at one of the three Macau Government Public Notary Offices or through a law firm with registered public notary services.

Australians in Macau can have documents Apostilled in English, Portuguese or Chinese at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

The Consulate cannot provide Notarial appointments in Macao, however Australians in Macao can attend our Consulate in Hong Kong for notarial services.

Only the receiver of the documents (bank, broker etc) can advise you what notarial services/provider they will accept. The Consulate cannot advise you what Notarial services will be accepted by the receiver of your documents. Check with the receiving authority before undertaking any notarial services.

Consular Services

If you require urgent assistance, please contact our office in Hong Kong on +852 2827 8881 or the 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre in Australia on +61 2 6261 3305.

Visa and Citizenship

Consular officers cannot respond to any enquiries regarding visas or citizenship.  All enquiries should be referred to the Australian Department of Home Affairs.