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Passport updates

Please be aware the following will apply from 1 January 2016:

  • 10 year validity passports for 16 and 17 year olds. Both the child and a parent will be required to attend the appointment and the parental consent page must be completed.
  • Passport fees will increase with inflation. Please visit for further information. 
  • Lost/stolen fees will be removed. Instead frequent losers of passports will have their passport validity reduced. 

Appointment bookings

Passport appointment bookings are required for passport applications. Clients should not attend the Consulate without an appointment. Waiting times may exceed 1-2 hours, or you may be sent away, if you attend the Consulate without an appointment.   Appointments can be booked here (  Appointments are not required for passport collections or enquiries and to avoid waiting we suggest you visit the Consulate in the afternoon during business hours.  Appointments are also required for some notarial services. 

Appointment bookings - more information including booking policy is available here.

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You can now submit feedback to us on our Consular, Notarial and Passport services by completing our online feedback form. Click here for more information.

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