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Using a Migration Agent

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Choosing a Migration Agent

While you are welcome to use a migration agent to assist with your visa applications, it is not a requirement that you do so. Australia\'s "Migration Agents Registration Authority" ( has introduced a new search facility on their website to assist you to identify an appropriate, registered agent, should you choose to use one. You can search by name, suburb, postcode, Migration Agent Registration Number, business name or country (eg "Hong Kong"). To use the search tool, please use the following link:

Using a Migration Agent

Migration agents engaged by visa applicants are permitted to charge fees for their services, in addition to the "Visa Application Charge" levied by this office. Visa applicants should be aware however that it is not possible to pay an agent a premium fee for "fast-tracking" of their application by this visa office. To ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, please ensure that it is accurate and complete at lodgement.

Before engaging a migration agent, we recommend you read the following information: 


Page Last Updated: 3 September 2018