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Health Requirements

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[ Health Requirements ] 

All applicants must meet Australia's health requirements. The objective of the health requirement is to protect the Australian community from health risks and undue medical costs. Therefore you will need to disclose any medical condition in your application form.

Medical Examination and Chest X-ray Requirements

After lodging your application, you may be requested to undertake a medical examination and/ or chest x-ray with an authorised panel doctor.

A chest x-ray is required if you intend to visit Australia for more than 3 months. (Please obtain an official letter from the Visa Office prior to attending an appointment).

Other circumstances and intended activities in Australia

You may be asked to undergo a medical examination and x-ray if you:


are likely to enter a hospital or health care area (including nursing homes);

are likely to enter a classroom situation for more than four weeks;

are likely to be engaged in an Australian preschool-aged child care centre (including preschools or crèches).


Aged 75

If you are 75 years or older you will need to obtain an official letter from the Visa Office to undertake a health check from our Panel Doctors.

You are not required to undertake a health check if you are applying for an ETA. 


The Clinics in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan can process your health examination electronically using eHealth. Please refer to

To find out more information about Health Examination Requirements


Panel Doctors

Please refer to for panel doctors closest to you in your country of residence. 


Page Last Updated: 3 September 2018