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Note: You can’t come to Australia at this time unless you are exempt or have been granted a travel exemption. You should reconsider your need to apply for an Australian visa at this time. See updates on travel restrictions and visa processing at COVID19 and the border.

What is an ETA?

An ETA is an authority to enter Australia. ETA applications may be made online, or on your behalf by your travel agent or airline at time of ticket purchase. Travel agents and airlines may levy a handling charge for arranging your ETA.

Who is eligible for an ETA?

Holders of the following passports are eligible to apply for ETA online.

  • Brunei - Darussalam
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong (SAR PRC)
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Korea, Rep of (South)
  • United States

For more information about the ETA and how to apply, see: Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

How to apply

Certain passport holders may be eligible to able for an ETA through the AustralianETA mobile app. See: I want to apply for a visa.

You can download the App for free from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android). If you are granted an ETA, it does not automatically give you an exemption to travel. You need to apply for a travel exemption through the Department of Home Affairs’ travel exemptions portal prior to travel. 

After you have applied for an ETA, you should wait for a written notification which will be sent to you by email. In most cases, you will be notified of the result of your ETA application immediately. Sometimes there will be a delay before receiving your notification.

Travellers not eligible to use the App can apply online through ImmiAccount for another visa that might suit their needs.

Please note: 

Holders of British National (Overseas) passports: BN(O) passport holders are eligible to apply for ETA through Hong Kong travel agents and airlines only, but not via the internet or the ETA app.

Holders of European passports : have the option of applying online for an eVisitor visa (subclass 651).

Holders of Taiwanese passports: 

Ordinary Taiwanese passport holders who are resident in Taiwan may apply for an ETA through one of the following approved agents in Taiwan.

  • Official and Diplomatic Taiwanese passports are currently not eligible for ETA and are not eligible for travel to Australia. 
  • Taiwan Compatriot Passport holders are not eligible for ETA and should apply for a subclass 600 Visitor visa.

Taiwanese passport holders residing in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR or Mainland China can apply for an ETA by sending the following documents to [email protected] :

  • bio-data page of your passport
  • Taiwan ID card 
  • additional information form
  • any other information (if any) that may be relevant to your intended activities in Australia.  

Taiwanese passport holders not residing in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR or Mainland China should contact their nearest Australian overseas mission. 


If you have been notified that your ETA cannot be processed or approved without further information

ETA app users:  

You may use the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Request for further processing form to contact an Australian Visa Office and provide information so we can consider whether you are eligible for an ETA. You must answer all the questions in the form and attach any supporting documents we ask for


If your ETA cannot be issued immediately, you will receive a "check back in 12 hours" message. If after 12 hours your ETA has not been issued, you will receive a "refer to Embassy" message, in which case you should email the following documents to this office (email: [email protected] ):

  • bio-data page of your passport
  • Hong Kong ID card (if applicable)
  • the reference number provided to you when you applied for your internet ETA and confirmation that you were unsuccessful
  • your contact details (email address and telephone number)
  • Please also complete this additional information form

In most cases our office will be able to assist you with your ETA within two working days.


Other visa options

You can also consider applying  for another visa that is suitable for your travel needs: explore your visa options.


Page Last Updated: 07 October 2020