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MEDIA: Media Release 20130807

Media Release
7 August 2013

Australian Federal Election
Make sure you’re enrolled to vote by 6pm HKT, 12 August 2013

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced that the Australian Federal Election will be held on Saturday, 7 September 2013.

Australians who wish to cast their ballot must act now to ensure they are enrolled to vote by the deadline of 6pm HKT (8pm Canberra time) on 12 August 2013.

Australian Consul-General Paul Tighe said, “Hong Kong is home to some 90,000 Australians; many of them are eligible to vote.”

“It is not compulsory for people to vote if they are overseas on Election Day but Australians in Hong Kong who wish to exercise their right to vote need to familiarise themselves with appropriate processes,” Mr Tighe added.

Voters can confirm their enrolment online by visiting: or by contacting the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) by email: [email protected] or by calling +61 2 6273 8606. Those who are not currently registered can determine their eligibility to enrol from the same website.

Australians living overseas may register for a postal vote online, or the Australian Consulate-General will provide in-person voting services commencing Monday, 26 August at the Consulate-General office at 24th floor, Harbour Centre, Harbour Road 25, Wan Chai.

The Hong Kong polling centre will be open from 9am to 5pm from Monday, 26 August to Saturday, 31 August inclusive.

Voting hours will be extended from 9am to 7pm from Monday, 2 September to Friday, 6 September inclusive. On Election Day, Saturday, 7 September, voters will be able to cast their ballots from 8am. Polls MUST CLOSE at 6pm on Election Day.

In order to avoid long queues forming on 7 September, we urge voters to attend the Consulate-General on one of the earlier days when voting is possible, or to obtain a postal vote.

Voters who are outside Australia on polling day will not be fined for failing to vote. However, the Australian Electoral Commission will most likely ask for an explanation. Australian citizenship and the right to hold an Australian passport will not be affected by not voting.

Australians living in Hong Kong or Macau can find information on voting on the Australian Consulate-General website at

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