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Australia-Hong Kong relationship

[ Economic Relations ]

The economic relationship between Australia and Hong Kong is strong and flourishing. Australia's total merchandise trade with Hong Kong in 2011 was worth A$4,186 million. The value of Australia's merchandise exports to Hong Kong in 2011 was A$3,047 million, and accounted for 1.2 per cent of Australia's total merchandise exports. Merchandise imports from Hong Kong in 2011 totalled A$1,139 million or 0.5 per cent of Australia’s total merchandise imports.  (For further information, please refer to Tables and Charts)

In terms of merchandise trade in 2011, Hong Kong was Australia's 14th largest export market, 29th largest source of imports and 20th largest trading partner.

Australia's major merchandise exports to Hong Kong in 2011 were: 

Crustaceans A$372 million

 Gold A$283 million

Telecom equipment & parts A$196 million

Pearls & gems A$187 million

Australia's major merchandise imports from Hong Kong in 2011 were:

Telecommunications equipment & parts A$73 million

Printed matter A$70 million

Optical goods A$67 million

Jewellery A$59 million

Australia's services trade with Hong Kong was worth A$3,730 million in 2011, with services exports of A$1,718 million and services imports of A$2,012 million. Hong Kong accounted for 3.4 per cent of Australia's total services exports and 3.4 per cent of total services imports in 2011.  (Please refer to Tables and Charts).

Hong Kong was Australia's sixth largest source of foreign investment in 2010, with a cumulative A$40.8billionin areas as diverse as electricity supply, food processing, light industry, insurance, engineering, hotels, telecommunications, electronic devices and biotechnology. Hong Kong is also an attractive investment destination for Australia ($23.4 billion at the end of 2010). Sectors of interest include insurance, building, road construction, telecommunications, banking and education.  (Please refer to Tables and Charts).

Australian trade and investment in Hong Kong relies in large part on Hong Kong's role as an international financial and business centre, and its role as an "entrepot" and trend leader for China. Hong Kong is also a sophisticated and affluent market for Australian goods and services in its own right. Hong Kong's emphases on financial and professional services, environmental protection, education, tourism and information technology development are providing significant new areas of potential for further cooperation, trade and bilateral investment between Hong Kong and Australia.

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